Tuesday, 28 October 2014

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: Ditto Press

Today we were introduced to Ben Freeman from Ditto Press. He started the day by introducing himself and showing us a presentation to explain a little bit about who he is and his background as a designer.

Below are the notes I wrote down throughout his talk:

  • Involved in the music industry
  • Carried out a lot of work in the tattoo and piercing industry
  • Attended evening school in Graphic Design
  • Free thinking - typographic work
  • Typographic housing installations
  • Installation on Trafalgar Square
  • Got commissioned to do the window display at Harrods where they used die cut cars and placed them all individually in place
  • Interactive visual merchandising
  • Worked a lot with editing work - interested in crafting words to tell a story
  • Not a massive font obsessive
  • Do care about what and how something is being communicated
  • Values the importance of audience
  • Went on to do 'Fun' magazine, not for profit magazine 'to be able to do what we want.'
  • This then became a staple magazine
  • 5000 were produced and each had 64 pages
  • Worked with American Apparel
  • Worked in journalism
  • Vice magazine experience - Andy Capper the editor was really honest and taught him a lot (photography)
  • Used to go and make trips - went to Belfast 
  • Grabisce - Went to Slovenia with other students and spent a year working on it, carried out interviews, 2-3000 photographs on film, DNA analysis - big political issue 55-60 years ago - became a book and some articles - self published book and he managed the distribution
  • This is when DITTO PRESS started
  • Realised he needed backing, being your own boss
  • 8-9 people
  • Revolves around publishing
  • He now has little time to design as he is too busy running the business
  • Runs around checking on everyone all of the time
  • Risograph printing
  • 80% books, letters, handouts etc
  • Skinhead - an archive
  • Toby Mock since 1966 been collecting all of this stuff (this links to our project)
  • Toby Mock - book about craftwork
  • Working on projects to do with social workers, and schizophrenia
  • Loves sensitive topics
  • Time consuming projects
  • Always just lets things go to see where they lead
  • Philosophical
We then worked with him and started to think about our own methodologies. I found it hard to understand what exactly what was expected of us today, but I am sure it will become clearer with time.

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