Thursday, 6 November 2014

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: Tigerprint Brief

At the moment I am at a stage in my work where I have a lot of briefs running alongside each other. I feel it is important to give myself fast turnaround briefs to keep myself on the ball and give myself a break from everything else I am working on. I have also always found that giving myself such tight time restrictions allows me to come up with an idea a lot quicker and this is a good skill to have and to take into the industry with me when I graduate.

As a result I have decided to work on a Tigerprint brief. I am giving myself just a couple of days to work on this brief as I feel it can easily be done in the time given and will get me used to working under pressure to come up with a successful design in a short amount of time. 

Before starting this brief it is important that I gather primary and secondary research. I am going to go and visit Marks and Spencer to gather primary research and hope that I feel inspired when I am there! 

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