Saturday, 31 January 2015

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: End of Year Show Pitch (Research)

Below is all of the secondary online research which was carried out for the End of Year Show pitch that Ellen and I completed. We want to try and create something which is memorable and experiential. This will be quite hard to achieve but we are willing to make a small prototype for the marketing department to engage with. 

Fitei 33 Booklet

Located in Hackney, Dalston House by Leandro Erlich is a temporary installation comprising a reconstructed house facade lying face-up and a mirror positioned over it at a 45-degree angle.

The pleasure is all mine | The studio minutes of Gloss Creative

VISI | Articles | The feel of walls to come |  Beautiful wall panels from 100% wool by London designer Anne Kyyro Quinn.

Song Board invited passers-by to rotate the matrix of spheres and create unique patterns, images, and messages. Some came prepared with pre-arranged displays to print on the board and others just rotated them relentlessly, listening to the sound the balls made when rotated.

pixilated sticky note wall/art. Seriously would love this in an office, home or business. #lightgray #newcolor

Entry wall for the Kate Space/Crane & Co collection launch. What a great entry to a giant event this would be.

interactive.....  'Light Form' by Francesca Rogers and Daniele Gualeni Design Studio

Anansi Playground Building designed by Mulders vandenBerk Architecten. Colouful cubes and square mosaic blackboards invites interaction and creative expression.

Lego Walls!  would be so cool doing one wall for a playroom!

wooden mirror by daniel rozin @ the W hotel {seoul}

Discovery boxes @ MoMA: I love the low-tech nature of this interactive space!  This was designed to allow visitors to explore materials and engage their tactile, interactive, and creative juices!

A ticket box wrapped with vinyl image of a man's face.

Project - My Humble House Store & Gallery - Architizer

Innovative Surface Design :: Giles Miller Studio.

bright button installations

A chalkboard on an abandoned building where people can fill in what they want to do before they die--very creative! They should have these on college campuses.

Cork pixel wall

Another folding / interactive seat assignment installation idea. As the (alphabetically organized) windows are opened, colors are revealed. Art by Lisa Rodden.

This is a clever piece of graphics mirrored onto the floor to complet the message

deboutjaune_905.jpg (905×603)


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