Wednesday, 10 December 2014

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: Evaluation of briefs to date

At this moment in time I feel really happy with the amount of work I have managed to complete alongside writing my COP3 essay and carrying out research for the practical element. There are several briefs which I would like to extend in the New Year:

Tigerprint: I would like to design a range of stationery and be able to approach shops with my designs and perhaps have stock in a selection of different outlets.

Intern: I quite like the idea of extending this brief and actually completing the first edition of 'A Day In The Life' although I am not sure how many others would be interested in doing this so perhaps I could do it on my own or with a couple of other group members.

FE and ED Taster Day: In the new year Ellen and I are hoping to work with the progression ambassador team to set up even more briefs with students from FE and ED.

Holbeck Urban Village: I would love to extend this brief and perhaps design the packaging that the tree would come in if it was found within a store. I feel as though at the moment it is strong enough to be used in my portfolio, but by having the packaging it will feel more like a finished product. 

Tom and Claire Wedding Stationery: This is an ongoing brief which I have touched on on my blog slightly but not in great depth. I am looking forward to meeting up with my clients in the new year and discussing ideas to make considerable progress.

Then there are others which I am happy with and won't be extending any further:

DSM: I feel as though this brief was something different to have in my portfolio, however I am not sure whether I feel it would be necessary to elongate it even more as I got everything out of it that I hoped for. 

LCA Christmas Cards: Obviously Christmas will have been and gone by the time we are back in college. The only way I would extend this brief is if marketing required specific design work with a similar style.

DR.ME: I feel as though I got a lot out of this one day brief and wouldn't need to extend it. I am really pleased with what Sam and I were able to achieve in such a short amount of time. 

I am looking forward to starting some new briefs when my COP3 is complete and will also be updating all of my written briefs and posting them to my blog when I have organised them all. I feel as though the more collaborative briefs I do, the better! As this is how it will be when working in industry as there will always be a client to answer to, and I will always be working with other designers unless i was to set up on my own which is unlikely straight away I think.

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