Monday, 16 February 2015

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: DBA (Meeting)

Today Ellen, Issy, Lizzy and I all had a meeting about our DBA work. The notes I took are as follows:

- Consider the idea of using four colours
- Use the arrow for way finding - on the side
- Arrow represents growth, expansion etc
- The 'N' could represent four different stops
- If expanded more stops could be added
- Bold colours rather than opacity
- Consider positioning on colour wheel
- Could even create a 'C' out of the colour wheel
- Coordinates matching Pantone swatch
- Could even choose two colours to illustrate arrow pointing upwards
- Arrow on the side could tie in with the colour on the colour wheel
- Use a persona - Contrasts such as elderly and business man

1. Wayfinding - Laura
2. Colour - Lizzy
3. Typeface - Issy
4. App - Ellen

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