Friday, 20 February 2015

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: End of Year Show Pitch (Development)

Below is all of the development work which Ellen and I created when trying to come up with a unique concept. We started off thinking of all sorts of ideas of what the end of year show could be called. Without crossing over with any of the previous years' ideas. 

In the end we settled on the name Reflection. This is to represent all of the students' time at Leeds College of Art as well as an opportunity for all of the visitors to take the time to reflect on the exhibited work. 

We decided that we were going to go to woodwork and discuss the likelihood of them being able to help us to produce an interactive wall in the cafe area at college. The wall would be made up of small tiles, with a reflective surface on them. It would either be motorised or have a handle for the visitors to twist around and reveal their reflection in the tiles. 

We received a lot of positive feedback from the woodwork team and they were really willing to help us to produce the final outcome. They suggested that we should make a model of it ourselves for submission and they if we get chosen we could then collaborate with them for the production of it.

Ellen and I wrote a list of jobs to share out between us. 

We came up with lots of different concepts for the logo to represent Reflection. This was the most challenging part of the brief as we wanted it to be bold and striking.

We took a sheet of variations around college and asked all of the different courses what they thought of the logos. The one shown below is our favourite and we hoped that everyone else would agree. We went and asked Fred as well, as he has a lot of knowledge about Graphic Design, and he really didn't like the outcome of it. We told him we weren't 100% sure either and explained that this is why we were asking people for feedback. He said to go away and take away what we like about the logo and apply it in a different way.

In the end we came up with this logo outcome. We are happy with the outcome as it is clear and easy to read from a distance, and the line beneath it represents a line of refection. We then applied the logo to the flyer design on reflective card to once again illustrate our idea.

These are all of the layout variations designed before reaching the final outcome.

I then spent a whole evening designing and cutting out all of the pieces for the model to submit with our design boards. It was quite hard work trying to figure out how all of the pieces would slot together and be a close enough representation of the final outcome. 

All of it was produced by hand. We could have used the laser cutter but I offered to do it by hand to improve my craft skills. 

This is what the end result looked like. We were both really pleased with the outcome, and I was pleased to have made a little interactive model which could hopefully go in my portfolio if we are chosen for the end of year show.

This shows progress of the final poster being mocked up in black and white. The pitch boards illustrate all of the final outcomes illustrated and explained. 

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