Thursday, 30 April 2015

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: Briony Machin (Research)

When I went to House of Fraser today I decided to do some primary research. I wanted to have a look and see how their ceramics had been packaged, as this is something I am going to be doing for Briony. I got some really good ideas from quite a few different box designs.

I quite like the idea of designing a sleeve, but at the same time I can't really imagine this being very practical, and I can imagine Briony's bowls in a box with a pattern printed directly on it. 

I also like the simplicity of this design. The use of a photograph works really well to try and sell the product. However, with Briony about to graduate, I feel as though it is important to design a box which has quite a generic design and can be used for this range of pottery, as well as others in the future.

The feature I noticed about this box was the little tab that slots into the box to keep it closed securely. I am going to adopt this feature and include it in the design of Briony's.

This lock closure on the bottom is also another secure feature to include. 

I love how the info graphics on this example have been created by using the photographs of the products inside. 

This simple line drawing is even simpler and cleaner. I think if I was to include information on one of Briony's boxes then I would use this method instead of photography. 

I took a photograph of this range simply because it reminded me of the design of Briony's bowls.

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