Thursday, 16 April 2015

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: DBA (Development)

This post it to show how we approached the brief from start to end. I have found this a particularly challenging brief, and don't feel as though mine and Ellen's views were always heard and accounted for. My responsibility was to develop way finding and then in one of the meetings we had, it was decided that this wasn't necessary anymore. I therefore ended up taking on an art director's role for this brief and helped to make all of the decisions regarding the concept and the story of our idea. 

We carried out some research into negative space to find some inspiration, as we felt that we wanted to include a negative arrow within the design that would be pointing upwards to the North of the country.

Ellen had a go at letter spacing the logo and I thought it worked really well. But there were quite a lot of disagreements within the group and it was actually commented on by one team member who didn't believe letter spacing is necessary all of the time when creating logos. I felt as though this was a strange thing to say and comments like this made it hard to work as a group.

Colour was explored within this brief and Lizzy looked into the colour psychology for the logo. In the end we decided to use a maroon, but looking back we probably should have been a bit more adventurous, as this was some of the feedback we received from DBA. 

Trying to use the marque to make a pattern

We explored variations for the logo on a huge sheet of paper. This was quite good fun but also hard to get the logo just right.

When we took a variety of colour variations around the college to get feedback, this was the result. Everyone preferred the deeper colours so this is why we tweaked it slightly and went for maroon.

A responsibility of mine was to make sure that we had some high quality mock ups to show in our presentation. I spent a long time looking for appropriate images to use, and within the presentation feedback we received, the mock ups received a lot of compliments which I was happy about.

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