Wednesday, 8 April 2015

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: D&AD John Lewis (Development)

Grace and I decided that we would like to collaborate on a brief together. When we saw that there was a brief for John Lewis with D&AD we both said straight away that we would like to collaborate together on it. I have never done a D&AD brief before, so this will be quite challenging for me, as I have heard that they are quite strict when judging. 

Below are all of my development sheets explaining how we developed our idea from start to end. We concentrated most on how we could produce an outcome which has a useful secondary purpose. After a crit that we had with some of our peers we decided that we were going to make the boxes so that they could turn into drawers and act as a storage solution once the contents has been emptied.

In the end we decided that we were going to create four different boxes, which meant that we could split the workload evenly and design two boxes each.

We decided that we wanted to create a pattern for each box individually. We decided to take inspiration from simple line drawings. 

Grace sent me the illustration below that she had done. I explained that I wasn't sure whether it was suited to John Lewis enough and that I wasn't sure about the gradient. She was very understanding and experimented further.

I went on the John Lewis website and grabbed some images to draw over. I wanted to make sure that the icons weren't like a stereotypical item and that they were designed to look exactly like a John Lewis product.

I also experimented with making it into a line drawing instead. I quite like this idea but feel as though the bold silhouette design would be more striking and memorable. 

I experimented with creating a pattern out of all of the illustrations I created.

I then had a go at creating a pattern which was partially filled in with some sections that just have an outline. 

For the home section I decided to create a fairly rounded box. I'm not sure whether this was a good decision or not, because it is quite fiddly and complex to make. 

I decided to make a small prototype and write on the prototype where exactly all of the information would be placed.

Grace did the same with one of the boxes she is designing. 

We also mocked up what the gift wrap option would look like on the John Lewis website. We didn't want to make it overly complicated and wanted to make sure that our idea could be applied to the website quite easily without them having to create a whole new page on their website.

We printed a test sheet to test the colours and check that we were happy with them. We ticked the ones which preferred the most. 

We had the final outcomes printed at LGP Print in Leeds. We decided to have it printed on carton board. At first I wasn't sure whether this was going to be too thick but it turned out to be quite successful in the end. 

Below are some photographs of the development process of cutting everything out. 

We added a slit to each box and fed a ribbon through the middle of it. This was to create a little loop handle to pull each drawer out of the external packaging. 

Adam helped us to photograph all of our outcomes and try to make them look like they were a bit larger than they were. We didn't design them to scale due to cost and we felt as though we could get the message across by creating a miniature prototype.

We were so pleased to submit this work and can't wait to find out who the winners are!

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