Monday, 24 November 2014

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: DSM Brief (Ideas Feedback)

Today DSM came back in to college to give us some feedback on our ideas so far. We all met in studio 3 and sat in a circle with them all. They asked us to feedback any ideas which we had thought of. This was a very informal chat and a chance for us to share concepts to enable us to strengthen the ideas we had and progress further with them. 

I started by explaining the concepts I had come up with. I told them about how I had thought about designing something to help the elderly in Leeds. I also explained the idea of creating something which would be placed in the centre of Leeds city centre to attract attention. This would be a form of experiential marketing, which is something I have read about for my dissertation and something I am becoming more and more interested in. Another key aspect to my idea is the fact that my brand would bring everyone together to create a community, which I feel would be extremely beneficial, as this is something which constantly needs improving. 

The feedback I received:

  • Strong concept
  • Community council - A council brand which brings everyone together
  • Make a council not feel corporate - At the moment the website is very corporate
  • Involving people will make it more people friendly too
  • It doesn't have to necessarily be called a council
  • Council isn't a very human word
I was pleased with the feedback I received and found it interesting listening to what other people had come up with. It was particularly interesting hearing about what existing councils already do. For example the 'poo bus' which Jamie looked into which is based in Bristol. 

We were then told what we would need for the 8th December:
  • Complete brand
  • PDF
  • Physical work
  • Talk through story of the brand
  • What is the problem you are trying to solve?
  • Bring big ideas together
  • Consider a logo, tone of voice, perhaps illustrate your idea?
I am looking forward to the presentations and seeing how much everyone's idea has changed from their initial thoughts. I think my idea is likely to expand an awful lot as I still don't feel as though I have covered everything I would like to. 

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