Wednesday, 26 November 2014

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: DSM Brief Research (Experiential Marketing)

Every year, for Christmas, the church I attend sets up a display in the main lobby typically made up of two Christmas trees covered in 300 tags with unique gift suggestions on each one. Church members then take the tags, purchase the gifts suggested and bring them back to the church. All purchased gifts are donated to local organizations which care for homeless or low income families which are less fortunate during the winter holidays. This year I was asked to create an entirely different display for our Christmas tradition, using a 29'x9' wall as a canvas. With some meticulous planning, basic materials and an amazing team, this was the final outcome of the creative display we called "The Giving Wall".

Below are some videos which illustrate examples of experiential marketing. All of them present very unique ideas but they are all incredibly memorable and engage the audience straight away. I would love to one day be working with a team of people who create this type of work. 

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