Friday, 21 November 2014

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: Intern Magazine (Development)

Today we were visited by design studio Intern. They focus on creating editorial work. The day started by them showing us examples of their work and then setting us a brief to work on in groups. We were asked to come up with our own concept for a magazine. 

We started off by each writing down any ideas we had individually. Then Alec from intern came over and spoke to us and said that we should just discuss as a group straight away as this is what he does. 

I wrote down any ideas that the group came up with as a starting point. 

We had quite a lot of fun coming up with different concepts. In the end we settled on the idea of creating a magazine called 'A Day In The Life' to demonstrate to people what it is like to live the live of various working professions. 

We then went away and collectively designed the front cover of the magazine. Dan came up with the main concepts for the cover, and we all helped by searching for appropriate typefaces as well as imagery and ideas for layout. 

Overall, I was really pleased with the outcome of our concept, and actually asked everyone if they would like to create the magazine. Unfortunately, due to time, we all realised that we wouldn't be able to put enough time and effort into the final outcome so it wouldn't be worth it. 

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