Monday, 10 November 2014

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: DSM Visit/Briefing

Today Design Something More came and visited us and gave us a presentation. They are three individuals who have decided to leave Elmwood studios and set up on their own. This is really interesting to me, as I always find it fascinating when people decide to set up their own studio as it just goes to show that a lot of people get to a stage where they feel as though that is the only way they can push themselves further, and I can see this happening to me one day. 

I wrote some notes throughout their presentation:

Everything in blue is linked to my dissertation

  • 3 man company
  • Based in Duke studios in Leeds
  • Couldn't show any past work due to confidentiality agreements
  • Hungry Sandwich Club created their video for them
  • Why do brands need your help? - Naomi Klein book 'No Logo' 
  • How can we make brands better?
  • What is a brand? - A brand is a logo (badge) an identity (looks and sounds)
  • Strong branding examples - MacMillan, Nike, Dyson, Obama
  • Ikea branding - Family bard, cook book, advert - All of these things give a much bigger idea of the brand (An example of democratised design)
  • Cif bottle - There are things that don't work and yet we expect a lot from a product
  • If you stand for something and create a wonderful experience then people will care
  • Brands which are wonderful experiences are better
  • Waitrose - Consider the community
  • Innocent - Do something else
  • Second moment of truth - Experience of opening a product (Research for dissertation)
  • Rory Sutherland - Ted Talks
  • Supermarkets need a point of difference - One will always be the cheapest
  • Design is an opportunity to make a difference
  • We can be broader as designers
  • How many brands are not actually wonderful experiences?
  • website
  • Movember
  • Henry Ford - People gravitate to what they know, we all fear change. We help people understand and persuade
  • Service means a lot - People want experience with people

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