Thursday, 14 May 2015

OUGD603: Extended Practice: Design Publication (Research)

For this design publication I have decided to reflect on the past three years as a student and how it has helped me to grow into the person I am today. I feel as though this is an appropriate outcome for my design publication, as it will be an expression of my methodology as I will be making the final product as interactive and as memorable as possible, with a multiple use on various pages where appropriate.

I carried out some research into the format of the publication, because I didn't want to just produce a stereotypical book which was simply bound and had printed text and images on.

At first I really struggled to come up with a concept which was suitable for this brief, and I was worrying that I wouldn't be able to produce something I feel proud of, but now I feel like I have made the right decision and I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

When I went to Packaging Innovations at the NEC in Birmingham, I was given a selection of free samples to keep from G. F. Smith. I absolutely loved the way they composed the whole product and felt inspired the moment I looked at it. Therefore, for this brief I have decided to take inspiration from them, and try to communicate my messages using a similar format.


In first year, there were times when I printed my final outcome at home on my printer. This is something that has drastically changed in third year. I would never consider printing the final outcome at home, and consider it to be extremely important to make sure that the final outcome is to a high standard.

In second year when Ellen and I went and visited LGP Print in Leeds to gather primary research about print processes, we were given lots of samples and we were shown all of the die cuts that they had as well as the lithographic printers etc. This completely opened my eyes and ever since I have printed my work with them. 

For this brief I have asked them whether I can print on a selection of individual sheets on G. F. Smith stock as well as other high end suppliers. They were more than happy to help and gave me so many samples to look at. 

I think that it is important for my publication to have lots of different textures and tones to it, as this represents my love for interactive, tactile packaging and how I love to create a memorable experience through experiential design. 

Philosophical Viewpoints

Whenever I am given a brief I always make sure that it has a purpose which can be applied to the real world, and I always try to provide a useful outcome for the user. Without having a meaning behind my work I don't feel as though I have achieved what I want to, this is why I always make sure that my concepts are meaningful and deep. 

I think this is something which started with my A Level in Philosophy, as I have approached situations differently ever since.


During the past five years (two years prior to starting my degree) I have gained an extensive amount of experience. The one place which has had the most impact on me is Momentum in Manchester. They opened my eyes to experiential design and this is exactly where my work fits in in the design world. I am going to be applying for their graduate scheme this Summer and feel as thought my two weeks working there has motivated me immensely.

When I went for my interview for my placement this was on the wall. It really inspired me and I could tell from that moment that I was going to enjoy it. Their whole method of working is through experiential design, which is basically creating an experience for the end user, exactly the same message I portray through my work.

Having confidence in my abilities

By having confidence in my abilities I have been able to engage with a lot of external visits. This photograph was taken when I visited Packaging Innovations in Birmingham. I met the head Packaging Technologist from Marks and Spencer, the director of MacFarlane packaging as well as many more industry professionals. I was the only student there and felt so nervous but was so pleased I had forced myself to go. 

Take time out

I want to include the fact that I have come to realise how important it is to take time out from graphic design. When I take the time out I like to go out for food, enjoy good company and relax. I feel as though I haven't properly managed to do this in the three years I have been at college. The course has been so intense, although very much worth it at the same time. However I am looking forward to being able to go to work and come back home at the end of the day and switch off for a couple of hours.

Interaction and quality of work

Being able to interact with my final outcomes is extremely important to me. I want to make sure that my publication conveys this message as clearly as possible by making the final outcome polished and precise.

Networking and finding inspiration

This year especially, I have realised that it is so important to network and make connections. I have been using LinkedIn as much as possible and actually emailed Annie Atkins who designed everything for The Grand Budapest Hotel which is one of my favourite films. I want to make sure that this is something I carry on with after college.

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