Saturday, 16 May 2015

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: Tom and Claire's Wedding (Development)

Below is all of the development from start to present. I started off by buying an A3 folder for Tom and Claire to have with all of the relevant research inside for them to refer back to. Below are the sheets with research on and a space for them to write their feedback. 

When I showed these ideas to Claire, she was really excited about it all and wanted to keep the folder to show Tom and discuss ideas for their wedding. 

Claire then fed back to me at a later date and explained how she loved all of the ideas and that they were so hard to choose from. I explained that the best thing for her to do would be to consider the fact that the wedding will be in Cyprus, make sure that this is strongly considered when making decisions, and make sure it is exactly what she wants.

The one thing she was sure about was the fact that she didn't want the Save The Date cards to be too over the top and she didn't want them to be too colourful. She explained that she didn't know whether it would be boring, but that she loved the simplicity of a lot of the examples I had shown to her. I explained to her that black and white with the inclusion of a baby pink might be suitable, and that the pink may pull everything together to give that little bit of added extra detail. 

Below are the first set of ideas I came up with. She explained that she likes the idea of a sans serif font, so I included several examples for her to choose from. I also experimented with the idea of the design being printed on a coloured stock, and the design simply remaining black and white. 

She really loved all of these ideas and I explained that the next stage would probably be best for me to put it all into context so that she can make more informed decisions. 

I started to consider how the Save The Date card could come in a different format to a typical card. I didn't want to over complicate it for myself or any of the guests, but felt as thought it was important to produce something a bit different for my own sake, to make it a bit more interesting for my portfolio. 

I thought about how the card could come in the format of a luggage label. There are already quite a few existing designs like this, but none of them are very tasteful. I felt as though this would be a challenge for me and I really wanted to see whether it was achievable and suitable.

I then had a play around with some ampersands and tried to make the ampersand also have another purpose, and be designed to look like a heart at the same time. Below are some of my attempts at creating a successful outcome. 

As demonstrated below, I have chosen one of the more refined, dainty designs for the ampersand. I am really pleased with the outcome, and have had fun experimenting with layout and various designs for Claire to choose from. I also designed a little stamp in the shape of a circle to show how the design could be adapted and become a stamp for them to use across all of their printed materials. 

Claire had expressed an interest in this idea and so I thought I should demonstrate what it could look like. Although it would mean that there would be extra costs involved and it may not be worth it in the long run, as they could emboss, deboss or foil instead. 

9th May - Meeting with Claire

I showed all of these ideas to Claire and she really loved all of them. I said to her that for my submission, I would get some samples printed for her to choose from and that I would also design a favour box for soap from the Yorkshire Soap Company. She loved this idea and had spoken to me about it previously, and although they are not certain on the idea yet, it is something they are seriously considering. Claire also told me that they had started to buy a few things for the wedding. One of the items is a fan which is to be placed on the tables. She really loved the idea of creating a label for the fan so that this would their way of directing people to their seats. 

Below are all of the designs I came up with ready to print. I am really pleased with the outcome of them all and hope that Claire loves the outcomes as much as I do. 

I designed the favour box so that it is as easy as possible to make, as there will be up to 100 that will need making for the day. As I am going to the wedding, I will be able to help make them, but the simple they are, the better.

This has been designed so that no adhesive is necessary. 

The ribbon has been fed through four holes on the box to create the shape of a heart. I bought three different soaps, blue, pink and white so that she can choose which she prefers. 

These are all of the design options I created to print. All of them have been printed and cut out to show to Claire. 

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