Saturday, 16 May 2015

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: Review of Briefs

I had planned on doing a lot of different briefs to start with. These can be found in my development folder which I submitted.

The briefs I had planned on doing:

- RSA Water for all collaboration with Jordan

Unfortunately we both ran out of time with the other briefs we had committed to.

- Window display miniature mock up

This was inspired by experience with Tony Broomhead, I am hoping to incorporate it into my end of year show piece somehow.

- Mobile library with Ellen

Unfortunately we ran out of time for this as well. We bought all of the materials for it and may still do it in our spare time.

- Starpack Awards

This was going to be my competition brief but instead I did the D&AD John Lewis. I couldn't have finished this brief to the highest standard due to time restrictions, and wasn't very passionate about it anyway.

- YCN Whistles

Once again I was trying to do too much work at once.

- Clive Cards

The explanation for this in detail is on my PPP blog, I was going to be underpaid.

Jane Bruce Aromatherapy

- This is my mum's business and she has asked me to do it when I finish college as she isn't exactly sure what she needs yet.

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