Monday, 18 May 2015

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: Sophie Price (Development)

Below is all of the development work involved in designing the following materials for Sophie Price Fashion Designer:

- Logo
- Swing tags
- CV
- Invoice
- Branded hangers
- Feedback box

I started off by providing Sophie with a range of logo ideas to choose from. She loved quite a few of them and found it hard to decide which ones were her favourite. 

 Sophie decided that the logo above is her favourite. When we looked at it for long enough I suggested to just elimiate her first name and just use the word Maryam. This is so that her logo is a bit more intriguing and also represents her half Iranian heritage.

I then started to play around with the colour and tried to place the same colour in different tones on top of each other. This wasn't a success though.

I then decided to create an organised file with variations on each sheet and then print all of the different options on different coloured stock. I then showed them to Sophie and she chose the first example below. 

Using the logo, I then started to experiment with designing everything else.

Sophie sent me an example of her work in progress to give some inspiration.

I wanted to design something for Sophie which is a little bit quirky and different to stand out from all of the other Fashion designers on her course. This box is therefore designed for people to network with her and post feedback or business cards.

Sophie had sent me a file with some symbols she had drawn herself on Illustrator. She asked me to refine them and make the edges smoother and the overall design cleaner. I drew the symbols which are illustrated below. Each of Sophie's collections has a different meaning and represents something different in Iran. This is the whole meaning of her collection which is why she wanted to include it somehow.

I also added some text to explain to people why she has made the decisions she made and what each collection means to her.

Below are all of the business cards and swing tags once they were printed with LGP Print in Leeds. I am going to pull ribbon through each set of swing tags ready for submission.

Sophie sent me her current CV and asked me to lay it out so that it works with her branding. I had to strip a lot of the information back but managed to fit it on one page in the end. An invoice was also designed which can be viewed on the final design boards.

The speech bubbles below are going to be sewn in to each of Sophie's coats as a lining. The colour coincides with the colour of the outfit and swing tag and reinforces the deeper meaning.

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