Monday, 11 May 2015

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: Tony Broomhead Crit

Today I had a crit with Tony Broomhead and some other students. He came into college and we all had to sign up for a crit each. It was really helpful listening to everyone's ideas and where they are up to with all of their briefs. I asked him questions about a variety of different projects. Ellen and I mentioned that we have thought about extending the Holbeck tree brief, by creating a mobile library. The tree wouldn't directly be linked but it would be made so that people could interact with elements of the library and enjoy themselves.

Tony gave us some really good feedback for this idea which are shown below. He even did an illustration and suggested that we could make the library in to an archive. 

I asked about my publication and said that I was really stuck with it at the moment. I said that I would like to create an experiential piece of work to reflect what I learnt on my placement at Momentum. He suggested for me to take the ideas I had when fulfilling a brief at Momentum and adapt it to be representative of me. I really like this idea but I'm just not sure it answers the brief and whether it is a bit far fetched. 

I explained what I was producing for Briony Machin and asked whether anyone had any suggestions about more materials I could produce. I wrote the list on the sheet below. 

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