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OUGD603 - Extended Practice: DSM Brief Research (Preparation For Pitch)


I decided to create this post to portray some of the key research I have carried out in order to make informed decisions about my final proposal for my brand. I have decided that the event will take place in Leeds Town Hall. I feel as though the event needs to be located in quite a central building so that it is easy for everyone to access, and there also needs to be plenty of room inside, in case there is a vast amount of interest for the event. If this is the case, then there would be several dates throughout the year, and it would be a case of first some first served. 


I decided to look at some of the statistics relating to Leeds Town Hall to see whether or not it would be able to hold a substantial amount of people. The statistics are listed below and have been taken directly from their website. I was going to call them directly to find out, but when I found this there was no need to carry this primary research out. 


I have also considered colour schemes for the branding. As soon as I came up with the logo and was deciding which colour to choose, I found it quite challenging at first as it has to appeal to both men and women, as well as children. Some of the logos below inspired me to experiment with the choice of colours used within my developmental work. I found it extremely beneficial looking at existing logos, as it is important to make sure that anything I produce isn't simply a replica of existing brands. I didn't look too much into depth with logos however, as I didn't want to be too influenced by what I saw. 




What makes my brand different?

This is just one of the few questions we have been asked to consider. I have put a lot of thought into how to try and make it different. Not only for the purpose of answering the brief, but also to push myself and try and produce something which is different to anything I have ever designed before. I feel as though this is really important, because it isn't healthy to get into a routine or a habit and apply the same style to every single brief. 

Below is an image I found of a wall full of envelopes. This is something I actually looked at and have considered for one of my other briefs (wedding stationery for Tom and Claire). Therefore I already had the idea in my head, and when discussing the idea with Ellen of making the brief a bit more interactive, we both said that the envelope wall could be used as a way of reading out messages from patients of the carers who have sent in a personal message to express how thankful they are for what they do to help. 


Considerations - What happens if there is a high demand for the event?

When gathering feedback on my idea, I was encouraged to have a look at all of the different areas within Leeds. As it is such a huge city it would be impossible to have all of the carers in Leeds under the same roof in one night, at Leeds Town Hall. This is why I have considered the following below. This is something I am definitely going to consider in my presentation as I feel it is important to demonstrate that I have considered all eventualities.

LS postcode area map, showing postcode districts, post towns and neighbouring postcode areas.

Postcode districtCoverage
Leeds LS1Leeds city centre
Leeds LS2Leeds city centre, Woodhouse
Leeds LS3Woodhouse
Leeds LS4Burley, Kirkstall, Kirkstall Valley
Leeds LS5Hawksworth, Kirkstall
Leeds LS6Beckett Park, Headingley, Hyde Park, Meanwood, Woodhouse
Leeds LS7Chapel Allerton, Chapeltown, Little London, Meanwood, Potternewton, Scott Hall, Sheepscar
Leeds LS8Fearnville, Gipton, Gledhow, Harehills, Oakwood, Roundhay
Leeds LS9Burmantofts, Cross Green, East End Park, Gipton, Harehills, Osmondthorpe, Richmond Hill
Leeds LS10Belle Isle, Hunslet, Middleton, Stourton.
Leeds LS11Beeston, Beeston Hill, Cottingley, Holbeck
Leeds LS12Armley, Farnley, New Farnley, Wortley
Leeds LS13Bramley, Rodley, Swinnow
Leeds LS14Killingbeck, Seacroft, Scarcroft, Swarcliffe, Thorner, Whinmoor
Leeds LS15Austhorpe, Barwick-in-Elmet, Colton, Cross Gates, Halton, Halton Moor, Scholes, Whitkirk
Leeds LS16Adel, Bramhope, Cookridge, Eccup, Far Headingley, Holt Park, Ireland Wood, Lawnswood, Moor Grange, Tinshill, Weetwood, West Park.
Leeds LS17Alwoodley, Bardsey, East Keswick, Eccup, Harewood, Moor Allerton, Moortown, Shadwell, Weardley, Wike
Leeds LS18Horsforth
Leeds LS19Rawdon, Yeadon
Leeds LS20Guiseley
Leeds LS21Arthington, Otley, Pool
Leeds LS22Collingham, Linton, Wetherby.
Leeds LS23Boston Spa, Bramham, Clifford, Thorp Arch, Walton
Leeds LS24Saxton, Stutton, Ulleskelf, Church Fenton, Tadcaster, Toulston
Leeds LS25Aberford, Ferry Fryston, Garforth, Hillam, Kippax, Ledsham, Micklefield, Monk Fryston, Sherburn-in-Elmet.
Leeds LS26Great Preston, Methley, Mickletown, Oulton, Rothwell, Swillington, Woodlesford.
Leeds LS27Churwell, Gildersome, Morley.
Leeds LS28Calverley, Farsley, Pudsey, Stanningley.
Leeds LS29Addingham, Ben Rhydding, Burley in Wharfedale, Ilkley, Menston.

Current news

I found the article below online. I knew that there had been a lot of recent news relating to carers and their allowance going unclaimed. This is a good enough reason in itself to encourage all carers to come together and enjoy the evening under one roof, as they will not only be able to get to know other like-minded people, but they will also be able to discuss more serious matters, and it may open some people's eyes up and make them realise that they are actually legible for carers allowance.

£65m worth of carers' allowance going unclaimed says charity

They said there are at least 214,000 people in Northern Ireland caring for elderly or disabled family members.
The research was carried out by Carers NI, a charity that supports carers, and the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC).More than 21,000 carers in Northern Ireland miss out on nearly £65m worth of unclaimed carers' allowance, a report has found.

The charity also said around 70,000 new people become carers every year.

Helen Ferguson from Carers NI said people who care for family members should use all of the available support.

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