Tuesday, 9 December 2014

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: Tony Broomhead Visit (Finishing Touches)

QR Code

On the morning of us having to take the tree to Holbeck Urban Village, Ellen came to me and asked what I thought she should do about the QR code, and what the best way of presenting it would be. She was thinking of placing an angel on top of the tree and having the code printing on the angel's face. I said that this would be quite hard to do by just using paper or card as it wouldn't necessarily be sturdy enough. 

Instead of using the angel idea, I suggested that we should use stars instead. I thought it would be quite good to have one star at the top which stands out as being the main one, whilst the other stars can be placed one on each side of the Christmas tree for people to scan easily. Everyone was happy with this idea so we ended up printing these stars with James in the digital dungeon, cutting them out by hand, and attaching them to the tree using the paper clips. 


Vicky was responsible for designing an A3 poster which could be placed above or alongside our tree within Marshall Mill. Below are some of the design ideas she came up with. Ellen created the vector image to represent our tree. 

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