Friday, 5 December 2014

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: DSM Brief Research (Primary Research - Food Cycle)

Having researched into the Food Cycle for my dissertation I have decided that the food for my event would be provided by them. This would add another element to my brand and would also bring the community together even more. It is important that carers feel as though they are just as worthwhile as anyone else in the community and by having this event they will be able to meet like minded people and have a break from what they do. 

Food cycle runs volunteer-powered community projects across the UK - working to reduce food poverty and social isolation by serving tasty, nutritious meals to vulnerable groups. Since we started cooking in May 2009, we have served over 102,000 meals, made using 119,000kg of reclaimed surplus food (the equivalent saving of 535,000kg CO2 emissions) by our network of 1,200 volunteers.

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