Friday, 5 December 2014

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: Tony Broomhead Holbeck Urban Village (Introduction)

This morning Tony Broomhead came in and visited us. A group of 7 students had put their names forward to partake in his workshop this morning. Firstly he introduced himself and showed us some of his work. Whilst he was setting up his presentation he asked us several questions about our course and the kind of work that we do. He was really interested as he is also a lecturer at Sheffield University on the architecture course there.

I wrote some notes while he was talking to us:
  • OS31 is based in Sheffield (this is where he works alongside two others)
  • Teaches at Sheffield University
  • He created a restaurant on ice which is currently being build and will be open in January in Canada
  • He has also worked on a building which has a projection on the side and is operated by people's text messages
  • Worked on Leeds Light Night a couple of years ago
  • Manchester pop up installation
  • Children's play area design - When the cushions are placed in the correct sequence this triggers a movie to start playing
  • They have also done a lot of work in Holbeck - Holbeck Urban Village
  • Designed a pop up park for 6 months and 6 years later it is still there
  • Inside the Marshall Mill at Holbeck Urban Village, they designed a tree for life - It has a framework to put plants on 
  • Tony also mentioned that he always creates paper mock ups before starting any project - This made my eyes light up as this is what I love to do!

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