Wednesday, 3 December 2014

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: DSM Brief (Primary Research)

Wherever I am I always take photographs of things which I find inspiring as they will always become useful at a later date. Below are some examples of some interactive marketing campaigns. Firstly, the Bonne Maman stand was inside of Trinity in Leeds. They were giving out tasters of all of their different preserves. People were able to go and sit down in their little pop up cafe or simply stand and have a chat with those who were running it. 

In Marks and Spencer during the Summer I came across this POS display as I entered the store at home. I really love the way all of the products have been arranged to encourage people to buy the products. I feel as though this is a much more effective way of marketing products, as opposed to them simply sitting on a shelf waiting to be chosen. 

When I was in Marks and Spencer carrying out some research for my Christmas card brief as well as my Tigerprint brief, i came across this card which actually turns into a bag. I loved the concept but not so much the design. When I was thinking of ideas for this brief however, it came into my mind again when I was thinking of designing an experiential marketing pop up in the centre of Leeds. I had envisaged a tree made out of wood which could be used to hang donations which would consist of cards/bags all in one with a donation of money inside. This would have been one way of being sustainable and eliminating the need to produce two separate materials. 

When I visited Liz Earle recently I noticed the trees they had in their window display. This then made me have a look inside and I came across several trees of different sizes. At this stage of my work I had already started the design work for Care Celebration. This tree concept was therefore probably more appropriate to the original idea in the same way that the previous image was too. 

I also went to the Corn Exchange and noticed that there was a sweet stand with lots of different raffle tickets attached to the sweets. This reinforced my idea to include a raffle in my Care Celebration concept, with the prize being something along the lines of a relaxation weekend for adults and activities of their choice for children.

When I was in Wagamama I noticed that they had changed the place mats to an interactive exercise for all of the customers to engage with. More importantly, the concept of it is to get each person to create an origami star, then tweet or post their response to instagram. I love this idea and it made me consider the option of using balloons at Care Celebration and giving one to each guest to make their own wish, tie it to a balloon and let it go. I am not sure whether this is necessary though but it is something I will consider along the way. 

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