Wednesday, 10 December 2014

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: Tony Broomhead Holbeck Urban Village (Visit)

All of these photographs were taken yesterday. Ellen and I went into college first thing to collect the tree from woodwork and pay for it. We were absolutely made up with the result! 

We then took it into the studio and used the string Ellen and I had left over from our Christmas cards. We used brown, red and green and alternated for each tier. We then used silver paperclips and fed them through each piece of string.

We then got a taxi to Holbeck Urban Village and met Steve who was in charge as well as the photographer. Below are all of the photographs we took while we were there to document our experience.

Ellen and I hung our business cards on there and we also asked if anyone in the studio had one which they would like to hang too. Alex Dyson was the only person who had one, so the three of us hung our cards and when we arrived we asked the photographer if he would like to hang his on it as well. 

Below are some photographs of Steve who helped to organise all of this for us. He asked us to place the trees on the shelf behind reception before we left so that everyone could clearly see them and interact with them. He also said that he will be using the trees for some events within Marshall Mill. 

Here is a lift of all of the different studios within Marshall Mill. 

After we had been to Marshall Mill we had a little walk around the village. 

This is the tree that OS31 designed in the garden. 

On our way home Ellen and I walked past an architect firm which we often walk past when we go home. I decided to quickly go in and ask them about their graphic design team. I left one of my business cards with them. I think the receptionist was a bit startled that I had just gone in their without making an appointment but I love the idea of working with architects to build miniature prototypes. 

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