Saturday, 6 December 2014

OUGD603 - Extended Practice: Tony Broomhead Visit (Primary Research)

When I was in Leeds the other day I visited Liz Earle as I was attracted to their window display straight away. I love the way they have used the same coloured ribbon on the tree with all of the Liz Earle products underneath the Christmas tree resembling the presents.

Inside the store they also had smaller versions of trees like this one below. 

Another thing which really caught my attention is this message wall. This made me think about the concept we had come up with on Friday. 

I also loved this installation in the centre of the store. Although it doesn't relate directly to the Holbeck Urban Village brief, it still shows how much of an impact something can have if it simply enlarged. In the same way that OS31 built the wooden Christmas tree in Marshall Mill reception.

Here the 'presents' underneath the tree have been placed in a four. This also made me think back to our focus on the four different sides to the tree and how they could be utilised. 

I also visited Boots with Ellen and saw this POS display. It just goes to prove the success of a simple structure. The two pieces of wood here have slotted together in the same way as our tree and the shelves have been used for storage.

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